Tuesday, July 30, 2013

August Schedule ・ 8月の予定

It is always fun when my kids have "claydates" with their friends :-)  This time, they made their masterpiece out of a slab of clay.  The second pic shows my new tumbler/ stem-less wine cup.  I want to tell the world that cups don't need handles!!  I use these tumblers for both hot and cold drinks.  They store better without handles sticking out :-)

Here is my August schedule:
August 3rd, Saturday - Art Court (right next to Beaverton Farmers Market ) from 8am to 1:30pm
August 10th, Saturday - Art Court
August 17th, Saturday - Art Court
August 25th, Sunday - Orenco Farmers Market ( at New Seasons parking lot) from 10am to 2pm
August 31st, Saturday - Art Court

子供たちがお友達と粘土大会をするのがなかなか楽しいです♪ 今回は薄く延ばした粘土の板を使って作品を作ってみました。2枚目の写真は新作のタンブラー(または足のないワイングラス?)です。 日本で広く使われるような湯のみに親しみがないアメリカの人たちに、”カップには取っ手はいらないじゃん!” と声を大にして言いたい! 私は取っ手なしのこういうカップを熱い物・冷たいものを飲む際に使います。取っ手がないほうが収納もすっきりできますよね。


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Schedule ・ 七月の予定

Here is my market schedule for July:

July 7th, Sunday - Orenco Farmers Market, 10am to 2pm
July 13th, Saturday - Art Court ( at Beaverton Farmers Market ), 8am to 1:30pm
July 20th, Saturday - Art Court
July 21st, Sunday - Orenco Farmers Market

Picture shows the "volcano" mugs :-)  They have been particularly popular among male customers.  I have made an 8-inch tall one for a special order!  That is a serious cup of coffee!

以上が7月の予定です。写真は男性のお客様に人気の”火山”マグ。。。 特別注文で約20cmの高さの火山マグも作りました。 あのマグでコーヒーを飲んだら、気合が入ること間違いなし。。。